2010 F1 Test 2 at Jerez – Lowlights from Day 1

Glock goes out in the Virgin Racing car for the first time

As predicted by the weather forecasters the start of the second pre-season formula one test at the southern Spanish track Jerez was a wet one. Apart from an hour of dry running at the start of the day, it was wet and damp all day long with teams using a mix of extreme wets and intermediate tyres. So basically, an unexciting day that doesn’t tell us fans that much at all.

But the eagerly anticipated new car from Red Bull was launched today, surely that was exciting? No, it was quite a low key affair and Red Bull seem to be lacking confidence in their new car.

Take no meaning from the quick times from today as they were set very early on and most teams had not done much running. The times in the wet from the different teams appeared to be (as we don’t know fuel levels) quite similar.

Williams launched a live internet timing service available here: http://www.attwilliams.com/test-timings. A screen shot is shown below and displays the fastest times produced today (one exception – Glock in his Virgin Racing car did one lap in 1min 38 seconds).

What you need to know about today:

  • It was wet and not very exciting
  • Nico “The Hulk” Hulkenberg completed 118 laps in his Williams – the car is proving reliable and he is getting good car time to be ready to compete in Bahrain
  • Virgin Racing were the first “new” team to test, although they only managed to do a 3 or so laps. Glock’s first out lap was very tail happy and he came straight back in and was not seen again until near the end of the session.
  • Webber’s Red Bull completed only 50 laps as he had an oil leak that caused his car to stop on track and red flag the session. He tried to cover the diffuser with his helmet and gloves! That was at around midday and only reappeared at the very end of the session
  • Rosberg was quickest in his Mercedes – he had a mechanical problem right at the end of the day
  • Buemi in the Toro Rosso was 2nd quickest and did around 90 laps today
  • Alonso in the Ferrari completed 88 laps without any problems, confirming their reliability
  • The Force India’s first appearance was a good one with no problems encountered

Here are some photos from today:

Low key launch for Red Bull

Kobayashi's Sauber in the wet

Rainy Paddock

Button's McLaren with dangerous looking aero measuring device

Rosberg in his Mercedes was quickest

Top of Vettel's Helmet looks like a ring pull

Petrov's Renault did not create any waves in the wet

Webber's Red Bull stopped on track with an oil leak

The crowd braved the wet conditions

Buemi's Toro Rosso

Force India's first appearance in 2010

Sauber is one of several teams to have a long shark fin


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