Test 3 – Day 2 Review at Jerez – A few wet Whinge-bags !

Barichello quickest in the wet today

Another wet damp day that saw most of the teams, especially Ferrari, have a good old moan about the conditions.

I think Ferrari got out of the wrong side of the bed as they tweeted the following comments throughout the day:

Nothing new at Jerez: just rain, rain and more rain to come…

The wind is making the day even more troubled…’

We’re just carrying on some work on race procedures as the track conditions are not really helpful to do anything different

Another day on the wet….. Not very helfpul, according to Felipe. At least, we put more mileage on the car and on engine and gearbox.

Conversely Lotus F1 and Virgin Racing seem to be competing on which team can be the most positive and jolly. Force India are not too far behind them.

Here are the fastest times from today, but they are pretty much meaningless:

Pos Driver Team Time Diff. Laps
1 Barrichello Williams (Cosworth) 1m27.145s 98
2 Petrov Renault 1m27.828s +0.683 56
3 Vettel Red Bull (Renault) 1m28.162s +1.017 70
4 Rosberg Mercedes 1m28.515s +1.370 71
5 Massa Ferrari 1m28.879s +1.734 92
6 De la Rosa Sauber (Ferrari) 1m29.691s +2.546 8
7 Di Resta Force India (Mercedes) 1m30.344s +3.199 33
8 Glock Virgin (Cosworth) 1m30.476s +3.331 72
9 Liuzzi Force India (Mercedes) 1m30.666s +3.521 24
10 Hamilton McLaren (Mercedes) 1m31.633s +4.488 57
11 Buemi Toro Rosso (Ferrari) 1m32.678s +5.533 57
12 Kovalainen Lotus (Cosworth) 1m33.554s +6.409 30

Here’s what you need to know from today’s action:

  • Barrichello had a good day and completed the most laps, 98, without any incidence
  • Petrov, who has almost been invisible at the tests, was going quickly today and produced the 2nd fastest time of the day
  • Virgin Racing had a great day and completed 72 laps and their quickest time was only 3 seconds off the pace of Barrichello
  • Kovalainen made a mistake after 30 laps completed in the Lotus and spun off the track and knocked the front wing off so they had to stop running for the day. He told Autosport, ‘It was just my mistake. Coming out of Turn 2, into 3, went on the power a little bit too aggressively. I lost the rear, corrected, went into the gravel, and then head-on into the wall. That damaged the nose. My mistake’
  • Vettel in the Red Bull, Rosberg in the Mercedes and Massa in the Ferrari had okay days, nothing much more to add
  • De la Rosa only was able to complete 8 laps but still managed to put up the 6th fastest time of the day – the Sauber definitely has some speed in it
  • Hamilton was not quick all day suggesting heavy fuel loads and other set up work
  • Cosworth are pleased with the durability of their engine and also pleased they were quickest with Williams today
  • A thunderstorm is due in Jerez and its currently raining heavily there

So not an exciting day, but here are couple of things that you may enjoy:

Kovalainen acting in a new Finnish advert:

Virgin Racing’s promo type video of their new car at Jerez:

Jake McMillan

Here are some photos from today’s action:

A quiet day for Buemi in the Toro Rosso

A Productive day for Di Resta in the Force India

A Very Quiet Day for Hamilton and McLaren

Glock got a lot of laps in the Virgin Racing

Heikki Kovalainen was doing well until he spun

A quiet day for Ferrari and Massa

Petrov did well in the wet today

Rosberg also was very quiet today

Vettel shows good pace in the wet again

Barrichello has steam coming off his tyres

Glock had a minor off early on

A close up of the Force India

A slightly hirsute Hamilton

The rear of the Lotus


Renault's Mr Petrov

Yesterday he resembled Shaggy off Scooby Doo and today it was a smurf!

Williams practice pit stops/tyre changes - with no refuelling they will be super quick this year (under 3 secs)

The front of the Virgin's cockpit is similar to that of Red Bull

Lotius being carried away after Heikki's off

Pedro only did 8 laps, but was quick


Vettel and Buemi - their cars look very similar don't they?

Tony Fernandes, boss of Lotus




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