Everybody just calm down!

Since the rather dull Bahrain Grand Prix, people have been going literally mental about who is to blame and  what should be done to fix Formula 1: Softer tyres, harder tyres, less downforce, more downforce, more pits stops, no pits stops, remove double-diffusers, remove all wings, make qualifying a lottery, etc.

Stop! Stop! Stop! Everybody just calm down. Breathe deeply … in … and then out.

In life, things are never as bad as you first think they are.

Our expectations have been far too high. We have all been saying and hoping that this is going to be the best F1 season ever and it was bound not to live up to our expectations. It’s like when you go and see a new movie you are really looking forward to, it often disappoints.

Does F1 need changes? Yes, of course. However, the boring truth is that we are going to have to wait a few races to really figure out what changes are really needed. Any changes for this year need unanimous agreement from the teams and so that means only minor rule changes, if anything at all, could occur this year.

The other reality check is that any changes to next year should and will only be small. There is no point making lots of radical changes to discover all new issues that affect the racing.

This is only race one out of nineteen this season. We HAVE to wait and see what happens over the next few races as the teams and drivers get used to the new regulations.

Pre-season testing suggested strongly the teams would be a lot closer in qualifying and in the race, but this did not pan out in Bahrain. The teams and drivers are still trying to understand how to reach their maximum potential under the new rules whilst still developing the car. For example, a lot of drivers admitted to taking it very easy, too easy perhaps, when on the softer tyre compound.

So let’s be calm and see what happens in Australia and Malaysia before we push the panic button and start suggesting that drivers should stop using their engines and use their feet to propel their car around the track like Fred Flintstone!

Actually I think I would probably want to watch that!

Jake McMillan


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